Meet Daniel Dreifus

Daniel Dreifus has been self employed or straight commission since 1979.

He holds an Associate Degree from Santa Monica College and a Business Management Degree from San Diego State University.

Daniel Dreifus worked as a Real Estate Broker and Owner for ten years specializing in Real Estate Counseling, Single Agency and Buyer Broker Agreements,  then used the counseling skills as a commercial roofing consultant, writing Specifications and providing Project Management for projects ranging from 48 story high rise office towers, to designated historical structures.

He is located in Southern California, and also authors a blog that covers “finding authentic tranquility, meaning, wholeness” and a book on the same topic, found at under the title How Do I Find Inner Peace?
An expert on telephone prospecting, he has also authored Cold Call Champion, found on

The photo at the top of the page was taken after Daniel decided to find out how to lose over 40 pounds of extra weight, and just get in better overall condition. If this sounds like something that could help you too, see his Lazy Man’s Guide (Women, too) To Fitness.

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