Exactly How To Use Cold Calls For Appointment Setting

Exactly How To Use Cold Calls For Appointment Setting

Appointment setting with cold calls can be a lot simpler and more effective than you might imagine if you can uncover and practice three simple secrets – keys to sales calls you might call them.

Sales Secrets

There are essential principles in everything. If you miss them it usually spells failure, discouragement and disappointment, but when you get them right you can nail it every time. This doesn’t mean every call results in an appointment. It means every call is done properly. You are maximizing your chances for success and not making mistakes that will cost you in lost appointments and sales.

Sales Call Script

First let’s consider using a script. Using it wrong is one of the worst things you can do because you’ll sound mechanical and insincere but if you don’t have a script at all, you can stumble over your words or leave out something important.

What’s the solution to using a script correctly?  Simple. Have your words printed out in front of you, but don’t follow them like a robot. Use them as a guide and a reminder, not an excuse to just read them with no emotion. Just as your smile can be conveyed over the telephone, you might be amazed how much difference your attitude can make. It really does come through in your tone of voice and you can be sure your listener is going to pick up on this.

You are going to find it is much easier to speak naturally, with genuine feeling, sincerity and persuasiveness, when there’s no question about what you have to say next. If you find something that sounds awkward or unnatural in the way words are coming out of your mouth, just change them around to suit the way you naturally express yourself.

Cold Calling Basics

The second thing you’ve got to get right, even on the first call, is being knowledgeable about your product. Just as your attitude comes across over the telephone, ignorance, or unfamiliarity with your products, service or solution will kill you. Once you finally break through to the decision maker, or even are leaving a voice mail or sending an email for later follow up, you have to be the most knowledgeable person he’s ever going to encounter when it comes to your program. If you’re not an expert in your field, why should he agree to meet with you?

Sales Goals

The third secret to cold calling correctly is in how you view the outcome of each attempted call. It’s only human and natural to be disappointed when you ask for an appointment and don’t get it, but here’s how you change that all around to your benefit. You change your focus. You can’t expect to have every single person you call agree to a meeting. If that were true, your time would be next to worthless because anyone could do it.

Now you’re going to learn the simple key to appointment setting with cold calling that will increase your income and sales call abilities beyond what you have been achieving. Focus on you efforts, not the result of a single call. You need to have a target number of calls you are going to make for a given period of time. That number can be scaled up or down but make it your firm target. That way regardless of what happens on this particular call, you are still that much closer to meeting your goals.

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