Success in Life–Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Success in Life – Are You Holding Yourself Back?

By Daniel Dreifus

What is the success factor in my life and your life that overcomes success sabotage or resistance?  You may think success is what happens to a person on the outside, but actually success happens on the inside. What happens on the outside is the evidence.

Most of us like to feel successful in life and in our achievements. Is it possible we sabotage our own success and resist in subtle ways rather than fully accepting success for ourselves?

Everybody has discouragement and setbacks in life. The old shoe can be more comfortable than the new and we get comfortable in our ways. When so many people are not successful in life, is the secret in our own attitude and mind set? Success must add value and touch people with something they feel will genuinely improve and empower them.

Success begins with a decision, attitude or pattern in our own consciousness, but are we uncomfortable with actually achieving it for real? On one hand, we enjoy visualizing success for ourselves, yet is there a subtle undercurrent of resistance? This is going to be a significant change. We need to be at peace with the idea that our pattern will be altered.

In a healthy child confidence is their natural state. It is natural to like achievement and reward but as we move through life’s inevitable ups and downs, we may become progressively stronger or weaker. There are often winners and losers, we may vacillate between faith and doubt, victory and defeat, meeting challenges and shrinking from them. If life hasn’t been all rosy for us, and our support structures have not been entirely intact, there may be self judgment and doubt that reinforce and limit our own achievement and there is a long history of self help books promising to empower us. Just think, if they worked, you would only need one!

The key is to recognize our own self sabotage and release it. This is not part of our core being. We can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again. It is the hidden resistance that impedes our progress, seeing the higher truth that we are created whole, can liberate us from self imposed burdens and self image. Remember and understand, faith and confidence are our natural state.

From Think and Grow Rich, to Deepak Chopra’s 7 Laws of Success to Wayne Dwyer’s Intention, thousands of people, hundreds of pages have been devoted to the simple truth: our limitations are within and not permanent but imaginary. Real as they may seem, it is only our acceptance that needs to shift.

We initiate our own liberation as soon as we recognize, deeply, that we hold the key to release from our own unreal and self imposed limitation. Think of a family photograph. This is more than a simple image. It gains meaning from the feelings associated with it, just as our self image is infused with life by our feelings. Nothing really holds us back but the belief in the reality of our false identity. Be ready, be willing. You are transformed. By removing blockages we reveal our natural and right inclination. You are free to experience progressively greater expression of your highest self, not through pride, but with sincerity and wholeness.

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