How You Can Find Business Success Through Consulting

Business Success Through Consulting

Few things more greatly affect your peace of mind and success in life than understanding the fundamental difference between sales and consulting. Please note: this is not just about business, although it also applies to increasing your earnings. Understanding this concept affects every human interpersonal relationship you enter.

In sales you have sales pressure. For example if you want to influence your child it seems natural to impose your greater insight and experience. Have you ever heard a salesperson say “that’s my money in your pocket and I’m going to get it?” That’s the sales approach. Sometimes people are ready to buy and they just need someone to write the order. Maybe your child already knows you’re right and they just agree. How often does that happen?
As a consultant you take an entirely different approach based on the idea that it is very difficult for anyone to resist the sincere interest of another. Don’t skip over the “sincere” part. This is not something you can fake. It also may require practice. You can’t just jump in with your superior wisdom, you need to hear people out, but this creates a remarkable transformation. It’s amazing how people trust the words coming out of their mouth more than they trust the words coming out of your mouth!

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