Cold Calling Basics-The Secret To Cold Calling

Cold Calling Basics – The Secret To Cold Calling

By Daniel Dreifus

Cold calling basics are things you need to use to be successful. The secret to cold calling can work for you in fields as varied as construction materials, real estate, and group insurance cold calling. Here is how is it done, plus a time tested sample cold calling script you can use.

Cold Calling Basics

Cold calling basics include attitude. Believe you are genuinely helping and there is no fear in the approach, you are seeing whether you can be of service to them.

Another basic idea is not to take it personally if they are not interested in group insurance. Someone who is not interested gives you the chance to get to the next call faster.

Understand the law of averages. In a certain market segment there are a certain number of people who will buy. By making a certain number of calls every day, you are guaranteeing your income over time. Want to earn more? Increase the number of calls. After your first year, divide your income by the number of calls to find out the actual value of each, so you know what you’re earning every time you dial.

Sample Cold Calling Script

A script for cold calling allows you to polish, practice and personalize your delivery. You are going to be repeating information, so it makes sense to have your words written down for reference. Here is a sample cold calling script that has been proven to work well. Hello, this is (name) with (company). I need to get some information to the person responsible for group insurance. Do you know who that would be? Then ask, whether they have an e-mail for that person in case they’re not picking up on the phone, so we can send them a page of information.

When they answer, or when you leave a message, you can give your unique selling proposition, stating within 30 seconds exactly how you can help them, then leave your telephone number and web site. if your service is durable, it is a great idea to enter your notes in a database program so you can follow up later and refer back to information from the first contact.

The Secret To Cold Calling

This is the number one secret: count your attempted calls. Give yourself credit by counting each time you dial the phone. What you measure increases. By tracking your attempted calls, you can adjust that number to meet your income goals.

You may be amazed that it seems like you were really working hard, yet when you count the number of actual calls attempted, the number is small. This is why it is so important to track your calls. You can use anything that will keep a permanent record, from an abacus and note paper, to a spreadsheet set up to tally daily, monthly and annual totals.

You can use the computer to dial your calls and use software or hardware to assist. This speeds the process and increases your efficiency. You can also find a calculator or program to count plus one for each attempt. For example if you enter the number one into a calculator, then “plus one equals,” hitting the enter key will often be all you need to do for each subsequent call dialed.

If you could fly over your region in a helicopter and look into the minds of everyone in your market area, you would see not everyone is a candidate for your service. By making calls, you will uncover those that are.

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