Cold Call Telemarketing Sales Tips

Cold Call Telemarketing Sales Tips

Cold Call Telemarketing

Cold call telemarketing sales tips only work when you apply them consistently, with the right understanding of how to make cold calls successfully.  Discussions have arisen recently suggesting calling is no longer worthwhile and that competing online marketing methods using Facebook ads, article marketing strategies, video marketing, posting content that becomes viral, and using attraction marketing where people call you, have taken the place of cold calling. After three decades of cold calling daily I find it continues to work well, is actually quite easy when done correctly, and the quality of leads you obtain can be very good. Cold calling can complement online marketing strategies.

Cold Calling

Arguments suggesting telemarketing is ineffective should be understood. One critique is that calling is like begging. The person did not ask you to call. This is reversed by having a product of real value. There is no gimmick that can help you to consistently sell products or services that fail to deliver.

It is always helpful to begin with a sincere question – not just a sales pitch, to discover whether there is a need for your product or service.

Sales Tips

There’s a world of difference between having the attitude to give and genuinely help, to share, not dominate and impress. You need to provide genuine value, enriching others rather than thinking only of your own enrichment. When you deliver more value than you receive, you are providing the kind of exchange that is always welcome.

Cold calling can seem very difficult when the only training given is to “Dial the phone and read this.” You need a desire to genuinely serve. It is very difficult for anyone to resist the sincere interest of another person.

Calling As A Low Stress Activity

Done right, calling is a low stress activity. You just dial the phone and relax. A strong USP or unique selling proposition could be more properly called a unique service proposal. This is the reason you are calling and describes exactly how you are able to help people experience the result of your service.

In sales we’re taught to “ABC” – always be closing. People don’t like to feel they’re being sold. The attitude of taking creates stress because there is a fear of loss when you are focused on trying to make money. The attitude of giving eases stress, and you can adopt the attitude that you are in your right place, at the right time, doing your right work as you should.

You’ve got to figure that even with the best cold call telemarketing sales tips, most people aren’t prospects, but when you find one that is it’s a happy surprise. The key is making calls without engendering huge amounts of stress for yourself and the people receiving your calls.

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