Great Businesses To Start In A Recession–How To Prosper In Difficult Times


There are great businesses to start in a recession exactly because GDP falls. If a rising tide lifts all boats, a falling tide pulls them all down. When most businesses struggle and fail within the first few years, how can you find a business model that rises predictably in a flagging economy?

In a recession GDP falls, reflecting negative real economic growth, most businesses begin to contract, unemployment rises, job creation diminishes, and housing prices go down, creating an environment of malaise.

In a period of negative economic growth people suffer more than when times are good, because a contracting economy puts downward pressure on personal income and business profit, while lease payments and expenses can be difficult to reduce.

Recognize for a moment that you are now reading this online. The conservative Cisco VNI network index estimate of Internet traffic growth forecasts eighteen per cent US growth and thirty per cent worldwide in 2014.

What this means to you, is that even if economic growth slows, the online world continues to expand, and businesses that harness and leverage the power of technology can improve, because the World Wide Web is expanding at a greater rate than the overall economy may decline.

As lifestyles shift and Internet access becomes more widespread, people are exporting increasingly greater areas of their lives to the online world, where information transfer is nearly instantaneous and the reservoir of knowledge is unmatched, and increasing numbers of people are looking for income online.

In evaluating claims one should recognize that while the opportunities are vast, promises of instant wealth with little or no effort are likely to enrich only the promoter. As with most things in life, worthwhile achievements usually take consistent effort, dedication and singularity of focus. What you want to find, is a proven working system, that can be scaled up to increase profits.

In this expanding online world the knowledge and ability to market and brand yourself, your company and your product or service, has become indispensable. You can create great businesses even in a recession, because your risk and costs are reduced online, and you can learn to drive traffic and increase your customer base, by optimizing your online presence. Businesses and individuals that learn to market online can create an interactive environment where potential customers respond by taking calls to action because sites can be optimized using by key word research techniques to more specifically answer the needs expressed in queries. The Internet is categorized by words, so by choosing the right words and phrases, you fuel success. Social networking bookmarks also enable enterprises and individuals to be found online, thereby expanding your profitability even in recessions.

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