The Science of Being and the Art of Living

The Science of Being and the Art of Living

By Daniel Dreifus

Have you ever noticed how life can seem like something is missing? Even in times of prosperity and success, often material sufficiency isn’t entirely fulfilling, and when times are hard, and when suffering is present, surely that doesn’t feel harmonious and right. Is there any solution that reveals the science of being and the art of living in a way that is practical and accessible?

The Science of Being

The extraordinary secret behind the science of being and the art of living is that it is very easy for us to miss it entirely, still it is available to all. Some may recognize it more easily than others, but truth is truth whether seen or unseen.

You may have many different beliefs and some may be closer to the truth than others. Beliefs are subject to change. We once believed that the earth is flat, the sun revolves around the earth, matter can neither be created nor destroyed, and that space travel is impossible.

In each case, the larger view eventually corrected the smaller view. Our insight was opened to perceive what we had missed.

The Art of Living

The science of being and the art of living consists of recognizing that the belief we hold about our identity is far more crusty, and restrictive than reality.

While we have our being in relation to great wholeness, we often identify with the body, our personal history, and social background in a way that excludes the perception of the greatness we inhabit.

The two perspectives are mutually exclusive. We are either identifying with restriction and limitation, or recognizing the wholeness of being and our connection. By turning from limited sense, through dissatisfaction with suffering and limitation, the larger reality can gain entrance.

For example in inspired and great work, the individual is lost in their purpose. Who achieves more, the one watching the clock and waiting for his shift to end, or the creative mind crafting the expression of greatness whether in art, business, sales, marketing or science?

The secret of failure is the belief that we are limited by history, birth, or background. When we release this limited sense of self, we open the way to implementing our vision, goals, and ideals.

The idea of raising ourself up has its limitations, the reality is that only by finding, seeing and bringing out the greatness in others we facilitate our own, and this is the secret of life and the art of living.

Daniel M. Dreifus

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