Internet Marketing Strategy e Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Strategy e Marketing Strategy

By Daniel Dreifus

Internet marketing strategy and e marketing strategy is about people finding your product or service online. Will you join the pile of unsuccessful online entrepreneurs?

Internet Marketing Strategy e Marketing Strategy

Unlike the invasive advertising you find unsolicited on television and in print advertising, in the Internet world, people go online to find information and often to find information about products or services they intend to purchase.

The Internet is fueled by words and search engines provide people with relevant results. Setting aside mathematical computer algorithms for now, if you are going to be found online, your web site, blog, or pages, must contain the phrases people are interested in finding.

Keyword Research Skills

The factor that separates success from anonymity online is competition. If thousands upon thousands of web sites are competing for the exact term you are promoting your chances are slim, but when you find a phrase that has high search volume and low competition, chances are excellent you have found a winner.

Keyword Research Tips and Tools

Several keyword tools are available online. Some are free and some require subscriptions. Now that Google is using Google Instant, you can get a rough gauge of the competition for your phrase just by typing it slowly into the search box.

The better keyword tools have more refined competitive analysis, and will break down search volume versus competition in sorted columns. If you’re serious about your marketplace online, that’s the way to go. See best keyword research tool.

For casual or personal use, the numerous free keyword tools will still get you started in the right direction.

Keyword Research Resources

Short phrases aren’t best because so many people will be looking for the same term. By adding modifiers to your term, calling it fashion instead of costume jewelry, or adding your location to the phrase, you can capture search volume without being lost in the crowd. If you have a retail business, register with Google Places to pinpoint your results on a map display.

Just be certain your Internet marketing strategy and e marketing strategy doesn’t ignore the question of keyword searching, because on the Internet super highway, there are lots of also rans broken down on the sidelines.

Daniel M. Dreifus

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