Legitimate Online Marketing Business – How To Make It Work For You

Legitimate Online Marketing Business – How To Make It Work For You

By Daniel Dreifus

Legitimate online marketing businesses all share some common characteristics. Don’t forget there is a substantial difference between a successful business and a successful job.

Owning a Business Versus Owning a Job

There are many levels of employment, from sweeping floors and waiting tables, to group leader, to Vice President in charge of worldwide marketing. Each upward step increases your level of autonomy and responsibility, but you’re getting paid from day one.

With a legitimate online marketing business, you’re in a different league than an employee. When you’re working for someone else, keeping the business afloat is their job. In your own business, you will be creating your own value. Usually this takes time, and vision, and persistent determination. Your vision should include providing real value to people.

How To Guarantee Success In Your Online Marketing Business

The advantages of a legitimate online marketing business are many. Start up cost is lower, advertising expense less–same for employee cost, liabilities, equipment and maintenance charges.

All legitimate online marketing businesses require continuous monitoring, testing, tweaking and improvement. The great thing about being online is that you have a tremendous number of very powerful tools. Google analytics allows you to track web site visitors, the StatPress WordPress plug in does the same for your blog, AWeber will allow you to track the number of opened e mails including who opened them, at what time of day, and whether they clicked on your link.

You want to focus on improving the areas of your marketing business that show weakness whether it be response to your offer, conversions or opt ins on your sales page, or mailing list size.

The key to success in an online business is action. In many areas of life practice makes perfect. With your marketing business it is going to be “doing” and “improving” that propels you into results that make it all worthwhile.

When you find the business model that is working, be patient. Investment of time and energy and money and effort, means you are going to see results.

Just be sure you keep at it, while they appear.


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