Why Google Replaced CEO Schmidt With Larry Page and Why It Matters

Why Google Replaced CEO Schmidt With Larry Page and Why It Matters

By Daniel Dreifus

Google will replace CEO Eric Schmidt with founder Larry Page.

Here is what this means to you, why it matters, how it affects the future of the Internet, and the way you find information online.

Eric Schmidt was Google CEO for ten years and presided over its meteoric rise.

Google revolutionized search and created a company worth roughly $200 Billion.

What changed?

Competitive Pressures For Google

Here is what I see. Eric Schmidt’s background is in Engineering. He worked at the Palo
Alto Research Center, Sun Microsystems, and was CEO of Novell, but Larry Page and
Sergey Brin, the founders of Google supplied the creative energy.

In March 2010, Facebook topped Google for the first time, to become the most visited
U.S. Web site, indicating a shift in how Americans are searching for content.

The study looked at the domains for Facebook and Google, not sites owned by Google
such as Gmail and YouTube.

New Ways We Are Using the Internet Now


According to Google, people watch 2 billion videos a day and upload 24 hours of video
every minute, so we’re already seeing a type of Web search that is different from finding
a static page of graphics and text.

Google’s innovation was to return simple, quick, relevant results to search queries. They
developed their algorithm to reflect the interest online as measured by “Page” rank,
including the size of a site and number of other sites linking in to it.

This mathematical analysis, acted as a “vote” measuring device to determine how
important and significant a Web site would be to someone looking for Jack Russell
Terriers, for example.

Why has Facebook grown so rapidly? It uses face photographs of friends, to recommend
sites of interest rather than mathematical popularity, thus personalizing the process and
making it more relevant to the user.

It seems to me this is why Google replaced CEO Schmidt with Larry Page, and it matters
because Larry will need to meet the Facebook challenge in creative new ways.

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